Sleep Deprivation and Impact on Body

A sleepless night can be the worst nightmare for hard workers. You cannot categorize a sleepless night with the one when you do not sleep the whole night.

Listing down all the factors that can lead to a sleepless night will be difficult. Moreover, these reasons are very subjective. In this article, we will only focus on the impacts of sleep deprivation on your body. But before we start, let us check some prevalent reasons for sleep deprivation.

  • An old mattress. If you are using an old mattress, and are unable to sleep properly, change it. Memory Foam mattresses are the best in this regard; read memory types reviews to buy the most suitable mattress.  
  • Stress can also cause sleep deprivation.  
  • Anxiety and over-thinking to control it limits the usage of mobile phones.  
  • Over-eating and eating sleep-disturbing fruits can also cause a disturbance.  

The impact of sleep deprivation on your body.

Sleep is a blessing, and a day is incomplete unless you get a good night’s sleep. Skipping sleep can cause severe and acute diseases.

Here are a few common health issues that are linked with sleep deprivation.

1.      Obesity

If you are gaining weight, you need to check your sleep-wake cycle. Not sleeping can lead to the excessive secretion of hunger-hormone. Our hunger is controlled by two hormones, the hormone leptin, and ghrelin.

When we are full, the hormone leptin will signal the brain that we are full. However, due to lack of sleep, an unnecessary amount of ghrelin is released. It would stimulate the brain to eat. This stimulation in appetite makes you eat more.

2.      Type 2 diabetes

Those who do not sleep properly are at risk of type-2 diabetes. Sleep deprivation can lead to increased production of insulin. That will increase fat storage, making it difficult to break body sugars.

3.      Decreased concentration

Feeling tired after not sleeping properly at night is very natural and obvious. You feel tired, and ultimately it will affect the work performance. Not only this, but it will also affect memory retention. While we sleep, our brain tries to process new and old information. If this will not happen through the night, you will not be able to concentrate all day long.

4.      Disturbed immune system

Our body produces cytokines, the combating hormone, while we sleep. A decreased production of cytokines will lead to an increased risk of inflammation and infections. Thus, a weak body will take longer to recover when inflicted with diseases or flu.

5.      Increased blood pressure

When our body does not get enough rest, it assumes that it is in a state of emergency—resultantly producing stress hormones more than average. This state of abnormal secretion will ultimately increase blood pressure.

6.      Heart and Kidney damage

The increased production of stress hormones can cause kidney stones and damage to kidney walls. For the heart, the increased blood pressure can be alarming as it will destroy the heart’s walls and valves.


A sound sleep is imperative for a healthy body. You should not skip it to concentrate on your works and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Being a wise person, you should keep a check on all those factors that are disturbing your sleep and then find the right solution.